Private and Exclusive Party


Wouldn't you like to celebrate moments filled with love and joy, and make special days even more extraordinary?

At Bakery Restaurant CURRENT, we are delighted to accommodate private events.



Perfect place for wedding party 



At Bakery Restaurant Current, behold the beauty of Itoshima's sea and the splendid sunset before your eyes. Embrace a romantic atmosphere, relish delightful dishes, and indulge in the pastry chef's seasonal cakes. Freshly baked bread daily and sweet treats for cherished souvenirs await.


Let's make your wedding day a dream come true, sharing unforgettable moments for you and your guests.


For the detailed wedding planning schedule, please consult individually with the planner of your choice or an external event coordinator.



Exclusive event


Are you planning a special event?

Bakery Restaurant Current offers venue exclusivity for private parties, and events.

Please consider using our venue for an unforgettable event.


Inquiries and Reservations


For inquiries and reservations regarding weddings or exclusive venue events, please feel free to contact us.

We are here to assist in making your special day truly wonderful.


Note: We can provide food, drinks, desserts, bread, and baked goods for your event.






Bakery Restaurant Current

Tel: 092-330-5789


Let's create wonderful moments together. We look forward to welcoming you!




モーニング  8:00 to 10:00  (LO 10:00)


ランチ&カフェ 11:00 to 18:00*  (LO 17:00) 


10:00~11:00 ランチタイムの準備のためクローズいたします。

*日曜日: Close 19:00 (LO 18:00) 





Updated 2023/11


Opening Hours


Morning  8:00 to 10:00  (LO 10:00)


Lunch & Cafe 11:00 to 18:00*  (LO 17:00) 


10:00~11:00 store closed due to the preparation for lunch time service

*Sunday: Close 19:00 (LO 18:00) 


About store holiday, click HERE.


Updated 2023/11

Bakery Restaurant CURRENT



 819-1303 2290 Shima Nogita Itoshima city FUKUOKA JAPAN



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